Is Reiki Right for You?

Mikao Usui discovered Reiki in the early 1900’s as a modality used to determine the vital life force energy flowing through all living things. Reiki is still used today to support healing of those that are seeking an energetic balance of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle form of energy work using hands on healing. During your private Reiki session with Wendy, energy is delivered to your body, improving the universal flow and balance of the energy within you. Wendy is a Reiki Practitioner who walks you through the process and then assesses where the energy focus is most needed within your body.

The Many Benefits of Reiki:

  • Facilitates a Meditative State of Mind
  • Stimulates tissue and bone healing after surgery or injury
  • Stimulates Immunity
  • Promotes Natural Healing
  • Relieves Pain and Tension
  • Supports the well-being of those receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and kidney dialysis.

Add the modality of Reiki to your healing journey, as you navigate your connection to the Universal Life Force within all living things.


Yoga Is More Than Meets the Eye

Whether you have dappled with yoga, tried it with intimidation, or maybe never tried it at all, yoga is more than meets the eye. Yoga is the practice of moving your body into prescribed, ancient configurations and holding these postures while incorporating breathwork. The benefits of this simple, yet complex three-tiered practice is proven wildly beneficial over centuries of time.

The Following are Just a Few of the Amazing Benefits of Yoga:

  • Improves Flexibility
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Mental Health Management
  • Promotes Natural Healing
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Stronger Muscles
  • Improves Mental State
  • Boosts Immunity

During your yoga & meditation session with Wendy, you will move through guided postures, practice breathwork and still your mind. In the article Finding Joy Through Movement the author writes:

Our mind, body and spirit are so intimately linked that everything we experience is stored within us. Oftentimes, aches, pains and illnesses that seemingly come out of nowhere have an emotional, psychological or spiritual root, and coming back to our body can induce great healing.